Learn to Love Reading: Increase Your Literature Consumption By 4x Or More

To my surprise, in less than three weeks, I got through Steve Jobs (abridged), Ender's Game, The Alchemist, The Magic of Thinking Big, Delivering Happiness, and the majority of The Lean Start Up. IN LESS THAN THREE WEEKS!

I'm completely blown away... Like many busy people, I was once content with finishing one average-sized book a month, if I was lucky. That's also if I really tried hard to carve out time to read. So what changed between then and now?

Audio Books: My Literary Revelation

For me, casual reading is usually split between half enjoyment, half pull-my-hair-out-all-at-once-while-I-repeatedly-stab-myself-in-the-eyeball-with-scissors. I partially blame this on my suspected yet unmedicated ADD. Either way, I always find myself struggling to focus on reading a single book through completion.

Like many, I easily get pulled away by the myriad of distractions life has bestowed on us, which for me usually consists of social media, TV, my roommate, or a rescued black lab named Rucker who lives on my couch and chews loudly. Even when I'm feeling inspired or motivated, reading doesn't become even a tad bit easier. I've always had a ton of books I've wanted to read, but I needed to try something else that actually worked.


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